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TERMS of USE (natural person or legal entity) is a platform used by users to view job advertisements published by businesses, apply to job openings as candidates, and/or publish their CV profiles as candidates. These activities are subject to the terms and conditions set forth hereinafter. Please read carefully these Terms of Use which shall apply between the users and the website in relation to the use of the website’s functionalities, resources and services.


By accessing, viewing or using in any manner this website and its services, you confirm that you are 18 years old or at the respective age of majority and that you are aware of and accept unconditionally to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree to these Terms, please do not use this website and its services.


I. Definitions


“Terms of Use”, “ToU” – the present document that applies between the Users and the Website in relation to the access to the Website and its Services.


 “Website”, “Site” – the website with address (URL) in addition to any sub-pages, APIs, mobile and other related software applications.


“Administrator”, “We” – the company that manages and maintains the Services on - TOPESC BULGARIA Ltd., with UIC 206735642, having its seat and address of management at: 1505 Sofia, Oborishte District, 11 Dragovitsa Str., floor 1.


“User”, “You” – any person that accesses the Website, views and uses its Services and resources. Users of the site include visitors, registered members, candidates, and registered business accounts (such as companies, agencies, etc.).


 “User account” – the set of data associated with any registered User using the Services of the Website.


 “Services” – any and all services that are offered on the Website and can be accessed by the Users.


“Content” – textual or visual content on the Website, created or published by a User of the Website, including among other things texts, images, sounds, videos, animations, comments, subjects, opinions, publications, etc.


“Advertisement” – Content created by the User with a presentation purpose that contains a proposal for job applications (or CV profiles, visible only to businesses) with other Users of the Website.


II. Acceptance, validity and scope of the Terms of Use


1. These Terms shall be considered a legal agreement which is binding on the Users and the Administrator. Their relations shall be governed by these Terms, the Privacy Policy and other rules and regulations of the Administrator in writing, published on this Website, which constitute an integral part of these Terms and are mandatory and binding as them.


2. These Terms do not govern any matters stemming from or relating to the provision of links to other websites, ads, services, products and software of third parties so long as they are not provided and thereby controlled by the Administrator.


3. The Administrator reserves the right to amend or edit these Terms at any time. Users will be notified of such amendments by the publication of the updated Terms on the Website with a date of the latest update, as well as by direct communication with the Users when required by law. Any amendment shall enter into force and become valid from the moment of its announcement. If the User disagrees to the new updated version of these Terms, they shall not continue using the Website and its Services. If the User continues using the Website and its Services, it will be considered that they have agreed with the latest published version of these Terms.


4. The Administrator provides complete and correct information on the Website with all due care. It is possible to experience certain deficiencies or imprecision due to human or technical error.


5. In case the Users have any doubts about the quality of the Services or the Site’s content or reliability, they shall not continue using the Website and its Services. In all other cases and despite the said doubts and reservations, if the User continues using the Website and its Services, the full responsibility for this decision is on the User.


III. Access and Registration


6. Access to the Website is open to both registered and unregistered Users. Both categories of Users can view the Website and its Content. Access to the Website's services is only available to registered candidates and businesses.


7. Users who access the Website from other territories outside Bulgaria are responsible for their actions in accordance with all applicable local laws in the territory from which the Website is accessed.


8. Registering on the Website is mandatory for using the Services, including for publishing Advertisements, applying to job Advertisements and communication (via chat) with other Users on the Website. There are three  categories of Users and User accounts: 1. Members (registered), 2. Candidates (subject to the candidate’s Privacy Policy) and 3. Business accounts (such as companies, agencies etc…). Visitors can view the Website and its Content, Members can create their CV-profile and apply for published advertisements and Business accounts can publish, manage and upgrade Advertisements on the Website.

Users who register as business accounts will only be able to use the services after their account is verified and activated.


9. Users register on the Website via filling in the respective registration form and its required fields. Upon registration. After registration, registered members can choose to make their account public or private. They can decide whether their contact information and other data will be visible to others or not. To change privacy settings, users can go to "My Account" and modify their privacy settings accordingly.


9.1 Users who register as Business accounts will only be able to use the Services after their account is verified and activated.


10. The User fills in all mandatory fields in the registration form and is responsible for providing true, correct and complete information in compliance with the requirements about the required data upon the registration. By agreeing with these Terms, the User shall bear the responsibility for any actions and/or inaction whatsoever referring to the use of their User account on the Website.


11. The Administrator reserves the right to deny access to the Website and its Services or to reject a User’s request for registration in cases when the User provides false, unclear or incomplete information.


IV. Services


12. The Website provides the Users with Services having the following subject – viewing the Content of the Advertisements on the Website; posting Job related Advertisements for other Users (Visitors, Members, and Candidates that have the possibility to apply to the related job advertisements) of the Website; opportunity to communicate (via chat) with other Users of the Website via personal messages or phone, or in any other way provided on the Website.

12.1 Candidates have to publish their own CV profiles to get found by businesses. Only verified Business Accounts have access to the Candidate's published profiles.


13. The Administrator shall provide, and the Users shall use the Services the way they are presented according to the terms, rules and parameters published on the Website.


14. The Administrator reserves the right, at its own discretion, to change, add and/or remove Services and functionalities on the Website.


15. The Users use the Website, its Services and resources by their own wish, at their own risk and responsibility. The User shall bear full responsibility for their choice of Service/s as well as whether it lives up to their expectations.


16. Publishing and managing Advertisements

 Note: There is a difference between a business job offer and a business profile. A business can have multiple job offers, each representing a specific work position with details about the required qualifications and skills. On the other hand, a business profile contains general information about the business. Each job offer includes a button that can lead candidates to the business profile if they want to know more about the company. Employers can create additional business profiles if they own multiple companies (or represent multiple companies).


16.1. Registered Users (Only for Business accounts) can publish Advertisements on the Site.


16.2. A User who wishes to publish a Job Advertisement on the Website has three options for selecting a type of Advertisement: "Bronze", "Silver" and  "Golden".


16.2.1. Publishing a Bronze Advertisement is free of charge. To continue the validity of the Bronze Advertisement and to update its Content, the User purchases a pack of actualizations in line with the terms set forth in Art. 17 et seq. of these Terms of Use.


16.2.2. For publishing a Silver Advertisement, the User chooses a daily, weekly or monthly subscription for the period for which the ad is active by purchasing a pack of job ads of a value according to the information provided on the Website. The VIP ad is visible before the Bronze ads and after the Golden ads.


16.2.3. For publishing a Golden Advertisement, the User chooses a daily, weekly or monthly subscription for the period for which the ad is active by purchasing a pack of job ads of a value according to the information provided on the Website. The Golden ad is always visible on the first page for the respective region marked by the User in the Advertisement.

Note: All published advertisements are visible for 30 days, with the option to extend their visibility for additional time.


16.3. Upon publishing a "Bronze", "Silver" and/or "Golden" ad(s), in the description of the respective Advertisement, the User (Business accounts) provides information about their business, job offer or other, including phone number, and additional features (optional), as well as photos. The Administrator does not guarantee and is not responsible for the exact correspondence between the information provided by the User and the relevant photographic material.


16.4. The Advertisements according to Art. 17 of these Terms of Use are presented by displaying them on the title page of the Website as follows: first are the Golden, then the Silver ads are displayed and finally come the Bronze ads, including the updated Bronze ads.


16.5. Users (Business accounts) have the right to request an edit for their Advertisements.


16.7. We only participate in the recruitment process if asked by companies and if candidates have agreed to be contacted in this way. We connect businesses with candidates and vice versa when their profiles match. Furthermore, we compare the requirements of job offers with candidates' skills and experiences, and provide recommendations to employers and/or candidates.


16.8. A job offer advertisement must include all necessary information and details for candidates to apply. Companies are free to share all relevant details about their job offers or their business. However, promotion of products and/or services is not allowed in job offer ads.

Please note that promotion of products and/or services is allowed in ads for business-to-business interactions.


16.9.Candidates are required to provide accurate information and data about themselves, their experiences, and other relevant information. It is mandatory to include a CV in order to be linked to potential employers and to apply to job offers. Promotion of products and/or services is strictly forbidden.





17. Paid Services. Payment methods


17.1. The paid Services on the Website, namely:

a) Bronze Advertisement upgrade;

b) Silver Advertisement publication;

c) Golden Advertisement publication,

provide the User with an opportunity to promote ads by purchasing actualization packs (from x to y actualizations). The prices for the paid Services are announced in the relevant section of the Website, available to the User here. Payment for the paid Services on the Website is made in levas (BGN). The Administrator reserves the right to change the prices for the respective paid Services.


17.2. To publish a specific ad in the category "Silver" or "Golden" or for upgrade, You purchase actualization packs, Advertisement packs and/or monthly subscriptions at a value as provided for in the relevant section of the Website.


17.3.Once a purchase has been made for the respective service(s), the service(s) becomes active immediately. The User is not able to cancel the requested Service, as amounts paid through direct payments are not refundable (Art. 17.9. of these Terms).


17.4. The payment methods are as set in these Terms and in the information available to the User on the Website. You can choose to pay for the Services via one of the following payment methods: (а) by a bank transfer; (b) with credit/debit card; or via any other method that may be specified by the Administrator and described on the Website.


17.5. In case of payment by bank, the monetary equivalent of the Gift Card/s shall be paid to the following bank account of the Administrator:


Bank name: UniCredit Bulbank




IBAN: BG34UNCR70001524918513




17.6 Payment by credit/debit card is made through a payment system selected by the User in Stripe. When paying via Stripe or Bank transfer, the terms of this payment system apply. The User should be aware of these terms of use, including any additional fees that may be due, listed on the system's website or in other written terms and conditions. The Administrator reserves the right to specify other payment methods and systems on the Website.


17.7. Payments and other transactions can be made through the Website using third-party providers. You acknowledge and agree that is not a party to such transactions, has no control over any element of such transactions, and is not liable to any party in connection with them.


17.8. Depending on the selected payment method, it is possible to administer additional fees and charges as imposed by the respective payment system operator. It is advisable to get familiar with the terms of service and tariffs so that the most suitable and economic payment method is selected.


17.9. The User is not entitled to refuse a paid Service and to request a refund of the amount prepaid for the use of the respective Service, if the Service has already been performed or its implementation has started by the Administrator according to Art. 57, item 1 of the Consumer Protection Act.


V. Rights and obligations

18. The User shall:


18.1. Use the Services and resources of the Website lawfully, according to their purpose and in compliance with these Terms;


18.2. Provide true personal information, and shall not use other person's identity, shall not create User accounts through automatic means or shall not otherwise attempt to mislead others about his/her identity upon contacting any other natural person or legal entity, shall not mislead or delude about the origin of any file, message or other communication originating from the User. The User shall immediately notify the Administrator of any unauthorized use of their User account;


18.3. Have access to the Services and resources of the Website through the technologies and the means provided by the Administrator, realized through the normal functionality of the Website;


18.4. Not use, reproduce, copy or distribute, in whole or individual parts of, the Website and/or its published content with any purpose whatsoever (commercial or non-commercial), except the permitted use explicitly specified in these Terms;


18.5. Stay informed about any changes, updates and amendments of the Website, its Services and resources, via the information published on the Website;


18.6. Not infringe the Administrator’s or third parties’ intellectual property rights;


18.7. Not contact Users who wish not to be disturbed, nor to harass other Users in any form and not to collect Users’ personal data for commercial or illicit purposes;


18.8. It is forbidden to publish, to send via email or otherwise transmit any content whatsoever (text, audio, video, image, etc.) which:

i.      Is unlawful, harmful, pornographic, dehumanizing, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, defamatory, discrediting, obscene, in nature or contains obscene, offensive, vulgar, defamatory, sexual, discriminatory, coercive or inciting acts of violence and terror or other harmful expressions, appeals, statements and qualifications;


ii.    is pornographic material that publicly displays obscene, unacceptable or incompatible with public morals material (for example, content depicting real or simulated fornication, sadism, masochism, graphic violence, criminal activity, etc.);


iii.   is racist or discriminatory;


iv.   represents materials and/or photos that feature publicly exploitation of persons under 18 years of age in a sexual or violent manner, or that require personal information from persons under 18 years of age;


v.     is false or misleading, including unauthentic photo material;


vi.   infringes the Administrator’s, Users’ or third parties’ intellectual property rights;


vii. contains personal data and other identifying information in relation to another person without their permission;


viii.  contains logos, links, advertisements or identifiers of other sites competing with the Website;


ix.   contains viruses or other materials that are malicious or technologically harmful;


x.     advertises the sale of illegal goods.


19. The User is responsible for the Content of the Advertisements published through his/her User account, for the personal messages sent by them and for all actions performed through their User account in connection with the use of the Website. The User shall indemnify the Administrator for all losses and expenses incurred, including, but not limited to, property sanctions imposed on the Administrator as a result of illegal conduct by the User.


20. The User is fully responsible for the Content he/she publishes, provides or shares through the Services of the Website, including, but not limited to any information (written, audio, visual, etc.) that he/she shares, sends to other Users, and is responsible without limitation for the consequences of his/her actions and damages in full.


21. Content that contains or presents materials and/or photographs that publicly exploit minors in a sexual or violent manner may be reported as a violation of the law, subject to sanctioning by the competent authorities.


22. The User shall have the right:


22.1. To use the Website and its Services lawfully, according to its purpose and in compliance with these Terms of Use;


22.2. To create his or her own User account and make changes to it in compliance with these Terms of Use;


22.3. To terminate the use of the Website and its Services, at his or her own count and wish, and to delete his/her publications, Advertisements and/or to erase his or her User account. Upon User account erasure, the User’s Advertisements are automatically deleted;


22.4. To withdraw User consent to receive marketing communications from the Administrator and its partners, at any time, through the settings of the User account on the Website.


23. The Administrator shall have the right:


а) At any time and at its sole discretion, to make amendments of the Services and the Website in relation to developing and improving the quality of the Services offered through the Website as well as to enlarge the range of Services, without prior written notification to the User and without bearing responsibility thereby;


b) To block the User’s access to the Website upon breaching these Terms, the Privacy Policy and other written rules and regulations which are an integral part of these Terms, in case of, including but not limited to, performance, attempt to perform or actual threat to perform by the User or by any individual using his/her account and for any illegal actions or actions that threaten the security and the functionality of the Website and its Services, or affect the legal interests of the Administrator or its partners, counterparties and other affiliated parties or for any other significant public interest, or upon a legitimate request on the part of official authorities;


c) To refuse the publication or to remove without warning published Advertisements, which: contradict the current Terms of Use or the applicable legislation; or affect or could affect the economic or other legitimate interests of the Administrator, its partners and contractors, the rights of Users and of other third parties, or other significant public interest;


d) To postpone the publication of an Advertisement for a User in order to moderate the compliance of its Content with these Terms of Use and the applicable legislation;


e) To temporarily restrict or stop providing the Services to improve the quality of the Services, to do a check-up, to fix errors, to make updates, etc.;


f) To seek all remedies permitted by law for protection and compensation for committed or allegedly committed violations of the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other written conditions, which are an integral part of these Terms;


24. Any and all rights not explicitly provided to the Users and/or third parties in these Terms are reserved for and are rights of the Administrator.


25. The Administrator shall not be liable for any losses incurred or suffered by the User as a result of or in connection with any decisions by the User regarding the termination of the use of the Services and the Website at any time.


26. The Administrator shall:


a) Process promptly and correctly any appropriate request for publication of an Advertisement on the Website;


b) To provide the Service selected by the User.


VI. Liability


27. The Administrator is not liable for:


a) The quality of the related services, provided by other legal entities and organizations in connection with the functioning of the Internet, the social networks, hosting and other services, in case of disturbances in the traffic due to reasons which are within the liability of the Internet provider or the companies providing online and other services accessible through this Website;


b) The quality of the Services resulting from the use of faulty technical means, devices and/or incorrectly configured software by the User, as well as for reasons which the User’s Internet provider is liable for as well as for any direct, indirect, specific or incidental damages related to the use of software programs installed on the User’s devices;


c) User Content in any form (text, audio and video files, graphics, photos, attachments, etc.), accessible to, visible by or sent to other Users of the Website, as well as for any publications on or off the Website, which are not created and controlled by the Administrator;


d) Direct or indirect damages to the User as a result of using the Services. The Administrator does not guarantee and bear responsibility thereof in case the respective Service does not meet the User’s perceptions and expectations;


e) Damages caused by incorrect, untrue, unreliable or misleading information and/or data provided by the Users. The Administrator is not responsible for the published characteristics, qualities, descriptions, preferences, interests, photos and other presentation information about the User in their User account and in the Advertisements promoting their User account. In case of discrepancy in the information provided by the User, from which any damages have occurred or may have occurred to other Users, the Administrator and the Website, or third parties, the User shall indemnify all damages resulting from non-compliance with their legal obligations;


28. In the event that Users have doubts about the quality of the Services or the Content, or reliability of the Website, they must not use the Services or any part of the Website.In all other cases, if, despite these doubts or reservations, the User continues to use the Services or resources of the Website, the responsibility for this decision lies solely with the User.


29. The Administrator is neither a party, nor an intermediary in the relations between the Users and does not guarantee that Users are at the age of majority and that are legally capable of using the Website and its Services and resources.


VII. Data protection


30. By accessing the Website, the User agrees that his or her personal data might be collected, processed and stored by the Administrator with the purpose for correct and full use of the Site and its Services in compliance with these Terms and the Privacy Policy published on the Website here, which is an integral part of these Terms.


31. The Administrator processes Users’ personal data in the capacity of data controller within the meaning of § 1, point 2 of the Additional provision under Consumer Protection Act.


32. The Administrator is not liable for the provision of incorrect or false data or data relating to third parties.


33. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation) shall be applicable to matters relating to data processing.


34. The Administrator shall ensure measures for data protection in compliance with Consumer Protection Act and other applicable rules and regulations under Bulgarian and European legislation.


VIII. Intellectual property


35. The Website contains copyrighted materials and texts, photographs and other images, signs, graphic logos, pictures, drawings, schemes, graphics, trademark logos, databases and software which are property of or are licensed by the Administrator or third parties, holders of IP rights, and are protected by the Bulgarian, European and other applicable law and conventions on copyrights and other intellectual property rights. The reproduction of the Services, the Website and/or any elements thereof, which are subject to intellectual property rights, may be done only with the Administrator’s written consent. The use of the Website and its Services does not grant to Users any rights on the objects of intellectual property in whole or any part thereof.


36. Users grant the Administrator a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Content uploaded to the Advertisements (photos, descriptions, texts, graphics, etc.). The Administrator has the right to use the Content published by the User in connection with his/her Advertisements, for purposes expressly mentioned in these Terms of Use, including, but not limited to advertising, improving the content of the Site, notifications and other legitimate purposes in connection with the use of the Website and its Services.


37. Notices and reports about Advertisements or Content on the Site that are alleged to infringe intellectual and/or industrial property rights are sent through the contact form available here[3] . If violations are confirmed after assessing the validity and proof of reporting, within a reasonable time, the Administrator shall remove the reported Content/Advertisement from the Website.


IX. Control. Alternative dispute resolution


38. Controlling authority for consumer protection in Bulgaria is the Commission for Consumer Protection at address: 1000 Sofia, 4A Slaveykov Square, floor 3, 4 and 6; tel.: 0700 111 22, web address:


39. In disputes between the supplier and consumer regarding liabilities arising out of contracts for online sales when there cannot be reached an agreement, the User can refer the dispute to the authorities for an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) under the terms and conditions of Art.181a of the Consumer Protection Act. Further information on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes can be found on the website of the controlling authority for online sales – the Commission for Consumer Protection, at and the platform for online dispute resolution - ODR.


X. Applicable law


40. To all cases not explicitly specified in these Terms, shall be applicable the rules and regulations of the Bulgarian legislation. Any dispute arising from the use of the Website and its Services, which cannot be amicably resolved with negotiations or by an authority for alternative dispute resolution, shall be referred to the Bulgarian competent court.


Thank you for reading these Terms of Use of the Website!


In force of 05/18/2023


TOPESC BULGARIA Ltd. 2022 © | All rights reserved

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