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Who are we?

We are BulNet, a company founded in 2023 that strives to improve professional connections. We specialize in connecting companies with job seekers, helping companies connect with other companies and investors, and facilitating other professional contacts. Our goal is to create a more efficient and effective job search experience for all parties involved.

Where are we located?

We are located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What does BulNet mean and what do we do?

BulNet stands for Bulgarian Networking. Our website,, provides employers with a platform to publish job offers and gain visibility to potential employees, as well as other businesses, investors, and influencers. Employers can also search for candidates who have created a profile and uploaded their CV.

In addition to this, we offer recruitment services, connecting businesses with candidates and vice versa if both parties have agreed to participate in the process. To learn more about how we facilitate the recruitment process, please go here.

Do we verify companies’ accounts upon their registration?

Yes, we verify every company account that registers on our platform. We have a strict verification process in place to ensure that all job offers submitted on our platform are authentic and to prevent spam, fraud, clickbait, and other unwanted activities. Our aim is to maintain the integrity of our platform and provide a trustworthy environment for both employers and job seekers.

Why are their different kind of ads?

We offer companies three different types of job ads: Golden, Silver, and Bronze. Each type of ad is positioned differently on our platform, with Golden ads being featured at the top, Silver ads in the middle, and Bronze ads at the bottom. The purpose of this ordering system is to give companies the ability to prioritize their job openings according to their level of importance. By choosing the appropriate ad type, companies can ensure that their job openings receive the appropriate level of visibility and attract the most qualified candidates.

What is the difference between a business job offer and a business profile?

On our platform, businesses can create both job offers and business profiles. A job offer is a specific listing for a job opening, providing detailed information about the position and inviting candidates to apply.

 A business profile, on the other hand, is a unique page that provides general information about the business itself. Every job offer is linked to the corresponding business profile, allowing candidates to learn more about the company before applying. If a business owns multiple companies, it can create multiple business profiles, each with its own unique information.

What is forbidden in job offer ads and what is required?

To publish a job offer ad on our platform, companies must include all necessary information and details for candidates to apply. This includes job requirements, duties, qualifications, and any other relevant information. However, companies are not allowed to promote their products or services in job offer ads. Instead, the focus should be on providing a clear and accurate description of the job opening and its requirements.

What is forbidden in a candidate’s profile and what is required?

It is important for candidates to provide accurate and honest information about their skills, education, and work experience in their profile. Any false or misleading information should be avoided. It is also important for candidates to use appropriate language and not to include any discriminatory or offensive content. A resume or CV is highly recommended to showcase their qualifications and work experience. Promotion of products and services is not allowed in a candidate's profile.

Are Candidate profiles and business job offer ads being moderated?

Yes, we have a team of moderators who review and verify all candidate profiles and business job offer ads to ensure that they meet our guidelines and standards. This helps to maintain the quality and integrity of our platform and provides a safe and trustworthy environment for both employers and job seekers.

Does BulNet participate in the recruitment process?

Yes, BulNet participates in the recruitment process only if asked by companies and if candidates have accepted to be found this way. The platform links businesses to candidates and candidates to businesses whenever their profiles match. BulNet compares the requirements of job offers with the candidates' skills and experiences and sends recommendations to employers and/or candidates.

‘Active search’ is a feature that allows BulNet to actively search for potential matches between job offers and candidates' profiles, based on the requirements and skills listed. However, candidates and businesses need to explicitly agree to participate in this process before BulNet can start searching and making recommendations.

How much time is a job offer ad visible after it has been published?


By default, a job offer ad is visible for 30 days from the date it was published. However, the publisher has the option to extend the visibility of the ad for as long as they need or remove it at any time.

How much time is a candidate profile/CV visible after it has been published?

A candidate's profile/CV remains visible on the website until the candidate chooses to remove it or temporarily hide it from view. This allows candidates to keep their information up to date and to be discovered by potential employers even if they are not actively searching for a job at the moment.

Are their paid services for candidates?

No. For visitors and candidates, there are no paid services.

Can candidate make their cv in

Yes. Candidates have to make their CV-profile by using our standard CV form to fill in their information. This makes it easier for candidates to create a professional-looking CV and provide all the necessary details to potential employers.

Can candidates see a history of their job applications?

Yes, candidates have access to their history of their job applications in “My profile” (history). Yes, candidates can view their history of job applications by logging into their account and going to the "My applications" section. In this section, they can view all the job applications they have submitted, and in “Responses by employers’’ sections, they can see the status of their application (e.g. pending, rejected, invited for an interview).

What are the different kind of accounts that can be made in

In our website, users can create only one type of account, which includes the following options:

  • Business account: designed for employers who are seeking candidates for job positions.

  • Candidate's account: created by candidates who are looking for job opportunities and want to create a profile and upload their CV.

  • Investor's account: for individuals who are interested in investing in projects, companies, or other ventures (coming soon).

  • Influencer's account: for influencers who are looking for sponsors or companies who want to collaborate with influencers (coming soon).

  • Freelancer's account: for freelancers who offer their services to potential clients (coming soon).

To who are candidates’ profiles and CV visible to, how do employers get reached by potential employees and do they see the candidates’ contact info?

Only businesses have access to candidates' CV-profiles. Companies can search for candidates by filtering their search with criteria such as sector, city, etc. They will also receive regular recommendations from us (if candidates have agreed to be found this way). Employers have access to all the information that candidates have published on their CV-profiles, including their contact information.

If you have any questions that are not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by clicking on the "Contact us" button or by sending us an email at


For FAQs for BUSINESS, investors, and others, please click here.

FAQ for companies, investors, and others

How do I become a verified business, investor, influencer or freelancer?


To become a verified business, investor, influencer or freelancer, you need to register an account on our website and indicate your purpose. If you want to become a verified business, you should select the "create business account" option and follow the verification process by providing additional information. Similarly, for other options, you can follow the relevant process.

Why do we verify businesses?

By verifying business accounts, we can ensure that the businesses using our platform are legitimate and trustworthy. This helps to maintain the integrity of our services and protect both the businesses and the candidates who use our website. It also helps to prevent any fraudulent or spammy activity on our platform that could potentially harm our users.


What is business to business and how does it work?


Business to business (B2B) refers to transactions and relationships between businesses, rather than between businesses and individual consumers (B2C). In other words, it involves the exchange of goods, services or information between two or more businesses.

In the context of BulNet, a business account holder can use the platform to connect with other businesses and investors for various purposes such as partnership, contact, deals, investments and more. By opting to be listed in the all businesses page, businesses can increase their visibility and reach out to potential partners or investors who may be interested in their products or services. Alternatively, businesses can also search for other businesses on the platform based on specific criteria such as industry, location, or size. Overall, B2B on BulNet is designed to make it easier for businesses to find and connect with each other.



- You are able to publish as many ads as needed. There is no limitation.

- Job titles have to be precise and an ad with the same title cannot be duplicated.

- In the details of the job offer ad, location has to be precise.

  • You can include details such as job description, requirements, responsibilities, salary range, and benefits in the job offer ad.

  • The job offer ad should be written clearly and accurately to attract the right candidates.

  • Employers should ensure that the job offer complies with labor laws and regulations in their respective country or region.

  • Employers should actively monitor their job offer ads and promptly respond to candidate inquiries or applications.

  • Employers can extend the duration of the job offer ad or remove it when the position has been filled or is no longer available.

Best strategy to get applications :


To increase the number of job applications, it's important to:

  • Provide precise and detailed information about the job position in the job offer ad.

  • Include the salary range, or at least an approximate salary, to help attract candidates who are a good fit for the job.

  • Maintain a well-developed business profile on relevant platforms.

  • Consider investing in a golden ad or periodic updates to increase the visibility of the job offer.

About investors, influencers and freelancers :


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