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Upload your CV here or create your own 'CV-profile'.
Create your business profile and start publishing job offers.
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- Short description
- Our Services and functionalities
- Our Services and functionalities
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- Your benefits

Welcome to !

Launched in 2023, BulNet has worked hard to innovate the employment services network in the Bulgarian market. Our aim is to facilitate communication between companies, candidates, and other individuals, making the process faster and more efficient.

Create your CV profile now and start applying. Our built-in functionalities will help potential employers reach you easily, and you'll receive direct responses in your candidate profile (and email). 

For information related to menus, 'My Profile', and any other related pages, please check 'Our Services and functionalities' section.


After registering your account, you can become a candidate by creating your CV profile (or uploading your CV), and start applying to job offers. Additionally, you can choose to be found by businesses through our 'active search' feature (for more information, please check here).

​If you are a business account holder, please refer to the 'For Businesses' section for more information.

Creating a Candidate Account :

When creating a candidate account, you will be asked to provide some information about yourself on the CV profile creation page. You have two options:

·         Create a CV directly on our platform.

·         Upload your existing CV (PDF or Word format is recommended), provide your full name, and upload a profile picture.

Before submitting your information, you can choose to check the 'active search' checkbox if you want to be found by businesses and receive regular recommendations (To learn more about 'active search', please check here).

Note that only employers have access to your CV profile if you check the 'active search' checkbox.

Once you submit your information, you will receive a 'candidate's badge' immediately.

What happens after becoming a candidate :

Once you have received your candidate's badge, you can apply for job offers on our platform.

Once you have received your candidate's badge, you can apply for job offers on our platform.

If you have checked and agreed to the 'active search' process, businesses can easily find you and receive recommendations of you as a potential candidate. You will regularly receive emails and notifications from employers with positive or negative answers about your job applications (or a manual answer written by them, for example, if they ask for an additional document).

Candidate's functionalities :

In addition to the basic 'account' menu, you will have a candidate's submenu on every page to manage your CV profile, applications, answers, recommendations, and more.


Your personal profile can either be set to private or public. You can choose to participate in forums, interact with other members, candidates, and/or entities via chat.

Submitted Applications

A history of your job applications

Saved Listings

Job offer ads you have saved

My CV (Management)

Manage your CV profile: you can view it, modify it or delete it

My account

Manage your public (or private) profile: general information about you such as name, role, etc…

Received Responses

Check regularly for positive, negative, or manual answers from businesses about your applications. You will also receive email notifications.

About business account creation and verification :


Upon completion of the business account creation form, our team will verify the authenticity of the provided information. This process typically takes 2 to 4 hours, after which you will be notified by email and on the website about the status of your verification. Additionally, if you have checked the 'allow to get called by phone about the verification process' checkbox, we can also call you with updates. Once your business account is verified, you will receive a 'business' badge and can start creating your business profile and publishing job offers.

About business profile creation :

Additionally, on your business profile, you can add photos, videos, and other media to showcase your company's culture, values, and working environment. You can also add links to your website and social media profiles.

Once your business profile is created, you can start publishing job offers immediately. Our platform allows you to create and manage your job offers easily and efficiently, with options to specify job requirements, duties, and qualifications.

As a business account holder, you can also benefit from our 'active search' feature. When searching for candidates, our system will automatically suggest potential candidates that match the requirements of your job offer. You can also manually search for candidates and save their profiles for future reference.

Overall, BulNet offers a powerful and user-friendly platform for businesses to find and hire the best candidates.

What happens once you are a verified business and have a business profile :

Once your business account is fully verified, activated, and your business profile is published, you can start using our services. Here's what you can do:

·         Publish job ads without limit: There are three types of ads - Golden, Silver, and Bronze. Bronze ads are always free and shown after Golden and Silver ads. Golden ads are always on the top and Silver ads in the middle. You can see the prices of Golden and Silver ads  and other services here.

·         Keep your job ads up-to-date: You can regularly update your job ads to keep them on top and increase visibility.

·         Let us participate in the recruitment process: You can get recommendations from us and establish direct contact (if you accept).

·         Have a fully customized ad: After providing us with the necessary structure through photos, documents, or other means, we can create a fully customized ad for you.

·         Manage your ads: You can manage your ads and directly accept or decline a candidate’s job application, or even write a response manually.

·         Request modifications to your ads: You can ask us to modify something in your ads, and our team will take care of it within 2 hours.

·         Access all of our services: Check the ‘prices’ page or directly in our ‘shop’ for more information on our services.

Have access to your business's submenu: The business submenu will always be by your side on every page, making it easier for you to manage your candidates, responses, recommendations, etc.

Create your personal profile: You can create a personal profile as an employer or the entity’s representative. You can choose to make it private or public, participate in forums, and interact with other members, candidates, and entities via chat.


Your personal profile allows you to choose between making it private or public, participate in forums, and interact with other members, candidates, and/or entities through chat.

Job Postings Management

You can manage your job offer ads by viewing, actualizing, deleting, or requesting modifications to them.

Business Profile(s) Management

Management of Your Business Profile(s): You can view, edit or delete it/them

My subscriptions

Manage your monthly subscriptions.


Check your inventory: view your currently activated services and information

Candidates who have applied


​Manage job applications: You can view who has applied to your job offers, see their details, accept or decline their applications, and perform other related actions.

Saved candidates

Candidates you have saved


"Our shop" refers to the section of the website where users can purchase additional services or features. This can include things like premium job ad placement, personalized recruitment assistance, or access to a larger pool of job candidates.

My account

You can manage your public (or private) profile as the company representative, including general information such as your name and role.

Benefits for Candidates :


  • There are no paid services for candidates.

  • After creating your CV profile, applying for job offers becomes secure, fast, and easy.

  • Companies receive direct notifications about your application(s) after you apply.

  • You will receive direct replies from companies, which will be visible in your 'yes/no' menu sections. Replies can be automated via email or manual if the employer requests additional information. Companies may also contact you by phone.

  • Creating a CV profile on our platform ensures that you do not miss any important information and increases your chances of getting noticed by companies.

  • The candidate's sub-menu makes managing your profile and job applications much easier.

  • Our platform is innovative and interactive, providing a powerful instrument to help you in your career.

Benefits for businesses :


Get a verified business account within 2 to 4 hours and enjoy the following benefits:

·         Unlimited Golden, Silver, and/or Bronze job ads

·         Regular recommendations of potential candidates from our database

·         An interactive job application tool that saves you time by allowing you to accept or decline applications with a single click. Our system will automatically notify the candidate, and you can also write a custom message if necessary.

·         Active search: we help you in the recruitment process by filtering our candidate database and regularly sending you recommendations and job applications (if you accept)

·         Our innovative and interactive platform not only helps you find employees but also serves as a powerful marketing and advertising tool for your business.

·         Customized job ads: We can create fully customized job ads for your business based on your specific requirements and needs.

·         Quick ad modifications: If you need to modify something in your job ads, our team will take care of it within 2 hours.

·         Access to all our services: You can check our prices page or visit our shop to access all our services.

·         Business submenu: Once you create a business account, you will have access to a business submenu on every page, making it easier for you to manage your candidates, answers, recommendations, and more.

·         Secure platform: Our platform is secure and your data is protected. You can rest assured that your information is in safe hands.

·         Active community: Our platform has an active community of employers, candidates, and entities who interact with each other through forums and chat. You can also participate in these discussions and network with other professionals.

·         Reliable support: Our support team is always available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

Welcome to !

Launched in 2023, BulNet has worked hard to innovate the employment services network in the Bulgarian market. Our platform is designed to facilitate communication between companies, candidates, and other stakeholders, making the recruitment process faster and more efficient.

Create your business profile, get verified, and start publishing job offers now. Our built-in functionalities will help you reach potential candidates easily, and you will receive direct responses in your business profile and email.

For information on menus, 'My Profile', and other related pages, please refer to the 'Our Services and Functionalities' section.

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